How to Valet a Car like an EasiDrive Pro

Interior Clean

For this part, a vacuum cleaner is your best friend.

Firstly, you need to take out the floor mats, vacuum these and then vacuum the floor, the boot and the parcel shelf and any pockets or ashtrays etc.

If there are any stubborn stains, use a foam cleanser (Auto Smart Brisk Foam Shampoo is what we use) and a damp cloth or stiff brush to get these out.

How to Valet a Car like an EasiDrive Pro

After this, slide the seats all the way forward and all the way back vacuuming underneath them as you do it.

For hard interior surfaces, wipe with a multi all-purpose cleaner. Air vents can be cleaned with a small brush.

For the seats, if they are fabric, you should clean these using a cloth and some Auto Smart Brisk Foam Car Shampoo. After doing this, run the hoover over it again to pick up any excess dirt lifted by the shampoo.

If leather, use a leather cleaner (Auto Smart Leather Cleaner) and wipe down with a microfiber cloth.

Wipe down the sills of the car with hot soapy water and dry using a microfiber cloth.

Last but not least, clean all your windows with glass cleaner and blue roll or a microfiber cloth, using a circular motion, ensure you keep turning the paper around so you have a streak free finish.


Exterior clean

Firstly, spray the whole of the car in Traffic Film Remover (TFR) ensuring you get under the wheel arches where there may be mud.

Spray the wheels and alloys with Auto Smart Wheel Cleaner; this will eat away and help remove any brake dust and excess dirt.

Leave this to set for 5 minutes then spray the car off removing all the TFR and Auto Smart Wheel Cleaner.

EasiDrive TIP: We recommend starting spraying with the wheels because some of the dirt from these can splash onto the paintwork above, which would undo any hard work you’ve put in if you were to do the body first. Also, if you move on to the roof next, the excess water will trickle down from the top, which will pre-wet your bonnet and windows in the process.

How to Valet a Car like an EasiDrive Pro

Spray your wheels down first, and then use a stiff brush to get the grime and dirt out of the grooves of your tyres and a cloth for the wheel. (A normal cloth is fine for this part)

Once you spray all the TFR off the car, you turn the jet wash to the ‘Soap’ setting and cover the entire car in soap, or use a bucket and sponge if you like doing it by hand, (make sure all your windows are up)!

How to Valet a Car like an EasiDrive Pro

Once covered in soap, using a hand mitt or extending brush, clean the car starting from the roof, working your way down the body work and around the entire car.

It’s good to clean in a circular motion as you move up and down the car so you don’t miss any bits!

Once you have brushed/scrubbed your car and wheels, wash your car down removing all the soap.

Once this is done dry your car using a clean microfiber cloth so it doesn’t leave any water patches.

Finally, apply AutoSmart High Style Wheel Shine to all your wheels, making sure you don’t get it on the alloys.

Stand back and admire your work!

Sam from EasiDrive

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